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GST Rate Finder App Download – How to use GST App Step by Step Process

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GST Rate Finder – Government launches an app to check tax rates levied under the GST

No longer since the GST has been initiated in our country, the government on Friday launched an app called GST Rate Finder. As the name suggests it is your ready reckoned app for all the tax rates that are to levied under the GST 9 Goods and Services Tax) regime. This app helps to check the prices of different products which are charged by GST tax upon. This app has been developed by the Central Board of Excise and Custom (CBEC) GST

It will be the first ever app to be used by the public, customers, consumers, traders, students and anyone who wishes to have GST rates handy for checking the prices available. Let me say,” if you are at a restaurant or some place and you want to know about prices, you can simply check what the GST rate is by using the app on your mobile,” CBEC chairperson Vanaja Sarna said.

According to the Ministry of Finance, once the GST app has been downloaded on your mobile it can be used in offline mode as well. This makes it easier for all the common to use the app anywhere they go. “A taxpayer can search for the applicable CGST (Central GST), SGST (State GST), UTGST (Union Territory GST) rate and the Compensation Cess on a supply.” The Finance Ministry said.

The prior reason behind launching this app is to educate and familiarise both consumers and traders since the initiative had launched GST in an elaborate midnight function on June 30-July 1 in the Parliament’s central hall which broadcast live for the entire nation.

Previously, a week before the government started a series GST “master classes” are in the form of an hour long programs held for about six days. They will be telecasted live on the state run television channel Doordarshan along with live webcasts. The “masterclassses” were actually conducted by the Revenue Secretary Hasmukh Adhina who has joined by the other senior government officials who would be subject experts on the day’s topic.

GST is India’s trending topic which is the most ambitious tax reform since independence and subsumes over a dozen central and state taxes that were levied on the Goods and Services earlier. The idea of bringing the country under the unique tax regime is sometimes expected to add 2 per cent to India’s GDP (Gross domestic product)

As you know who hot the topic runs in our country, since a while and now it has become a relief for many traders and customers to find out the GST rates upon a particular product. It would now be a common platform for the public easily available through the app download.


As of now, the app is available for all the Android users on the Play Store. Once you click on the Play Store, search for the GST Rate Finder app and you can find it. There are may be many other apps available similar to the GST Rate Finder app but the user is requested to check thoroughly and has to download the app with CBEC Logo  Click on Install and you will be downloaded in your mobile. Once the app is downloaded, you’re good to go. You will now have the GST Rate Finder App on your mobile phone.


After the downloading and installing is done, open the GST Rate Finer app on your phone.You will be able to access all the prices of your chosen products. To know about prices of your desired products under GST, write its name in the search box and click enter. This is will provide you with all lot of information and all the details of your desired product. Once the App is ready to use and this app will also be available to function in the Off-line mode.

If the user is not available or aware of the Chapter Heading HSN (Harmonised System of Nomenclature), then the user can type the name of the goods or services. If the user is aware of the Chapter Heading or the HSN Code, then the specific of goods in the Quick Search box and the user can immediately see the specific arrangement.

For example, there is a person moving by a hotel or for footwear can cross verify the rates through this mobile app. It is bound to initiate and increase transparency and will serve as a resy reckoner for the public.  



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